Sunday, January 6, 2008

Puzzle #01

Today Jeremy informed me that I would have a surprise waiting for me at Ward Prayer. At this point, we had already spoken together about getting married, so I was thinking that he was going to propose or something of that sort. I suspected, but I wasn’t really sure, and I definitely didn’t want him to do so right there. That wouldn’t make a very long or interesting story. I know that we had plans for later that week to go ring shopping. So I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen.

I went to Ward Prayer a little early. When I got there, Kacie Milne, who seemed almost more enthusiastic than usual, if that’s possible, greeted me. I started thinking that maybe she knew something that I didn’t. She is, after all, the person in charge of announcements at Ward Prayer. I sat there for a few minutes and soon enough it started. Jeremy still wasn’t there. Leave it to him to be fashionably late and he was empty handed. I of course had to ask him what the surprise was. He did his irritating uninformative smile. “Just wait, you’ll see.” So I waited, nothing happened during Ward Prayer. And after we sat there talking, still nothing happened.

Finally, we decided to leave. Jeremy stated the obvious, “There are still quite a few people here.” Right outside the door, there was my surprise. It was a beautiful bouquet with my name on it. At the base of the vase, there was a jigsaw puzzle in a bag with the label, “Puzzle #1, Jigsaw Puzzle.” There were people waiting outside talking. Also there were people peeking through the glass door. Kacie mimed putting a ring on a finger and mouthed, “Are you proposing?” Jeremy furrowed his brow and shook his head in denial. He had something much bigger in mind. This was only the beginning.

Upon assembling the jigsaw puzzle, I found that it was a bunny with one piece missing. How tacky of him for not checking to see if all the pieces were there. So one puzzle solved, who knew how many more to go.

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